How it works: brightspot keeps it simple.

Review your plan and service choices, then buy and activate your phone and service by following these three simple steps.

Step 1

Buy the new phone you’ve been looking for, or use the phone you already love and just buy a SIM Kit from Target® or

Check compatibilityShop Phones & SIMs Kits at

Want to buy and pick up your new phone or SIM Kit today? SEE STORE LOCATIONS

Step 2

With your new phone or SIM Kit in hand, you’re ready to activate.

Be sure to have a payment method handy, along with all the activation materials delivered with your phone or SIM Kit.

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Step 3

Activate your phone and select a plan and services

Activate now

Pay for service 30 days at a time

You can pay for service with a credit card, checking account, or a brightspot Refill card. Refill cards can be purchased at Target® stores. Fund your account every 30 days to continue service. During activation, be sure to create an online account to manage service, track usage, and set up Auto Pay.