How to order and activate online:

  • 1Buy a new phone from Target, or bring your own compatible phone and get a new SIM Kit
  • 2With your new phone or SIM Kit in hand, you’re ready to activate.
  • 3Activate your phone, select a plan, and then pay for your service.

Choose from great phones, including your own

Buy a new phone

Buy a new phone

Get the new phone you want—a feature-rich text and talk phone, or the latest smartphones for web surfing and email. Choose from a great selection of new phones from Target®or

Shop phones at
Use the phone you have

Use the phone you have

Keep the compatible, unlocked phone you already have and just buy a new SIM Kit. Use the Compatibility Checker to find out which SIM Kit is right for your phone.

Compatibility checkerShop SIM kits at

Save 5% when you use your Target® debit or credit REDcard® to purchase phones, SIM Kits, and refill cards at select Target® stores or at

Activate your Brightspot phone

Ready to activate online?

When you have your new phone or SIM Kit in hand, return to activate your phone and choose a plan and services. You can also set up a my brightspot account to track your rewards and make refills a breeze.